About Me


and i love sharing yoga with people of all ages and all walks of life.

I started practicing Yoga over 20 years ago and it was during that early experience with Yoga that I felt an inexplicable ‘knowing’ that I had come home to a practice that would help guide me for the rest of my life.  I strive to inspire the same in my teaching.  Yoga has increased my focus, helped with my breathing, relaxation, flexibility, energy and yet, it has done so much more.  Yoga has taught me to listen to that whisper of intuition I was born with. 

Since I started practicing yoga, I have been able to connect more authentically with myself and others.   I find I experience more joy, freedom, love and clarity in my life.  The best part is that I recognize that I've only begun to realize the benefits of this practice. I sit in wonder of the journey that lies ahead.


“The teacher only exists to prepare the student so that the steady light of the student’s own wisdom will illuminate his own path.” 
Zhander Remete


I am grateful for the many teachers I have had along this yoga journey starting with Baron Baptiste whose Power Yoga classes first inspired me to change the direction of my life.  It was Baron who suggested I study with Ana Forrest, a powerful teacher and mentor.  Ana touched my heart.  She remains one of the most influential teachers in my life and I feel deeply connected to her spirit. 

I continued to train under Baron and teach at his studios in Boston and Cambridge where I was part of an incredible community of teachers and students all practicing and learning from one another.  During this time, I was fortunate to study under Rolf Gates whose warmth, humor and thoughtfulness helped make me a better teacher. 

In 2001 Baron introduced me to Zhander Remete and the practice of Shadow Yoga. This is where my journey started anew.  This practice of Shadow Yoga dismantled everything I thought I knew about yoga. Shadow Yoga was like nothing I had ever experienced and yet, it immediately resonated with me and I knew I had found my teacher and my practice for life.  I continue to train in this yoga tradition under the guidance of Zhander Remete, his wife Emma Balnaves and more recently, Jaymin Gansell.